Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Top 3 Snacks for a flat tummy

Hello Loves,
 I don't know about you but I feel more confident in my clothes when I am in shape and happy with my weight. With my busy schedule I don't work out as often as I would like to but one thing I can control is my diet, I don't always eat the most healthiest of foods but I make sure to always have enough of the following snacks for their amazing benefits and to keep my weight in balance.
1. "Raw" peanut butter (not the processed kind): beneficial in lowering LDL (bad) cholesterol. Good source of protein, fiber as well as vitamins E and B3. Since the fat and fiber in peanut butter is digested slowly, you tend to feel full longer which decreases your hunger. 
Try: Peanut butter sandwiches on whole grain bread.

2. Apples: Also, beneficial in lowering LDL cholesterol. Apples are low in calories, fat and sodium. Good source of vitamin C and fiber. The Fiber in apples tends to also make you feel full longer thus decreasing your hunger.
Try: Spreading peanut butter into slices of apples.

3. Almonds: Lower LDL cholesterol as well. Good source of protein, potassium, magnesium, iron, zinc and vitamin E. 
Try: Unsalted Almonds. Easy snack to carry to suppress your hunger between breaks on a busy day.

Let me know if you enjoy these kind of nutritional posts?  I am not an expert, everything I mentioned is based on my own experience and research. Last but not least, I would love to know of your favorite on the go snacks. Thanks for reading.


Melu103 said...

almonds are my favorite snack!

:) i love this post!

i look forward to posts
about health and diets and
everything that can help a girl
stay fit :)

good night love!


roha said...

hey! that's a very interesting kind of post...unfortunately i'm allergic to all kind of nuts...but i could still stick to the apples ;)
i just found your blog and i really like it. so, i follow you now - i'd be very happy if you followed back :)
xx romi

Julia mode said...

you have a lovely blog :)

cecilie andrea torp said...


oomph. said...

we always have these three things in our house! i ususally make trail mix and have it on hand at all times!

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Rubiiee said...

Ahhh! I have an almond obsession, raw almonds, almond milk, Special K vanilla and almonds, almaretto...

hehehe <3

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JRuud said...

Can I just say how much I LOVE peanut butter :) Ahh so obsessed. Love almonds too.

Wegan said...

Ooh Im trying to get fit and find out what foods to eat and snack on so this really helps! Randomly stumbled across your blog via Melinas!

M x

Hurnrningbird said...

I love all three!! Great post <3