Wednesday, June 13, 2012

HOW TO: DIY Bleached Studded Denim Shorts

 Step 1: Pick out some old high waisted jeans from the thrift store. I chose these 
Gap Boys jeans since I couldn't find any cute girl ones. You have to keep looking.
 Step 2: Measure and mark the length you want your shorts to be on both sides 
and cut.
 Step 3: With one end of the scissors "scratch" across until you make the 
distressed look you want place one of the pant legs you cut off before under so 
that you don't cut across the back of the jean or pockets.
 Step 4: Fill a bucket with water and bleach. The amount of bleach and time
 obviously depends on how bleached you want them. I left mine for about 2 hours
 because I wanted a lighter shade of the denim.
 Step 5: Wash and air dry to see your final results.
Step 6: Stud them! There are many styles you can make but this was the design
 I went for. Let me know if you have any questions or link me to one 
of your DIY if you have already done one. I'd love to see.


Dani said...

I actually bought a pair of high waisted pants from Good Will a little bit ago and cut them into shorts. But, I didn't know how to distress them! Thank you for this post. :) The shorts you made are so cute.

Sandra said...

Love this DIY! Great job! I will be trying this project over the summer for sure.

Janine said...

Great DIY...i cut like 5 of my old jeans a few weeks ago - i think now i will studd some too. Got some leftover studs from a used-bleach skinny jeans DIY :)

SwatchCrazee said...

This is soo cool! cant wait for u to style them!